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Whether it’s a simple single page or a full-on WordPress powered management system for you and your staff to maintain with ease, our sites feature great design and flawless functionality. Our mobile-optimised, SEO-friendly solutions will ensure you can be found anywhere, anytime on any device.

Graphic Design

Our websites are designed with both usability and aesthetic appeal in mind. Whether you are looking to refresh your brand, develop custom graphics for your site or create something completely new from scratch, we provide creative solutions to all your design needs.


The words on your website are critical – they can bring people to your site, convey your brand personality and drive potential clients to take action. We craft clear, concise and compelling content for your website that not only grabs attention, but also achieves your objectives.


The visual component of your website is nearly the most important. Images are the most powerful and effective way to communicate with immediate impact. We create professional visual imagery to help you and your site stand out from the crowd.

IT Services

Our websites are backed by the extensive technical know-how of IT professionals. Our fast, dependable and secure Australian web hosting will keep your website online all the time. We use Google’s own mobile website testing tools and implement best practice WordPress security.


Here are some of the websites we have built for our clients recently.

Our Work


Premium Web Design, Port Macquarie

About Us

Five Hats produce wow-factor websites that combine user-friendly functionality, beautiful design, engaging content and striking visuals. If you need a brand new website or your existing one is starting to show its age, Five Hats can develop a modern, responsive, vibrant website to keep you ahead of the game. Five Hats is a collaboration of passionate professionals. We have extensive expertise in website development, graphic design, copywriting, photography and IT services. We combine our talents to offer tailored solutions so you can go with the whole shebang or pick the bits you need. We are based in Port Macquarie, but our service knows no bounds.

tim baker
Tim Baker has worked in IT for over 17 years and has a passion for the latest technology trends and introducing them to his clients.
robey lawrence
Robey Lawrence is super passionate about building functional, good-looking, accessible websites to help your business look the part and be found online (where everyone else is).
michelle newman
Michelle Newman has a way with words. She has honed her writing skills over more than a decade working as a communications and public relations consultant.
mic reese
Mic Rees is a Designer with creative ideas and professional solutions, with over 20 years experience. Mic has designed anything from full design makeovers and branding to national magazine illustrations.
lindsay moller
Lindsay Moller is a photographer with almost two decades’ experience under his belt. Lindsay understands the power of a picture and ensuring businesses get 'The Right Image' to stand out from the crowd.

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